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Elegia (No more on Fcom)

Laurent Collat is no newcomer to the French electronic scene. In 1988 upon discovering New Order, he started feeling the urge to compose his own tracks. When the 'baggy' movement from Manchester and the 'acid house' wave hit the world his techno-pop pieces drifted slowly towards a techno and house sound. 1992 was the turning point. Pop was being taken over by technology.

Between 92 and 95, Laurent worked in different directions but always with one goal in mind: to make people dance and fire their emotions. In 1995 he released an album entitled "Body & Soul" which was released by Radikal Groove, which was followed by a limited edition EP entitled "Mother." A copy of it ended up on Eric Morand's desk. This resulted in Laurent Collat joining F Communications in 1996.

On the two first EP's released in 96 and 97 "From Nowhere With Love" and "Snapshots", Elégia developed a melodic and gloomy house sound.

The recording artist then searched for THE voice that would bring emotion and warmth to the next album.

After several auditions, he met Esther in July 97. As an established backing vocalist in several bands, including La Formule, Esther (author of her own lyrics) came from a musical background close to Laurent's. Elégia became a duo.
For the new album, Esther and Laurent have researched into textures, beats and lyrics.

"Sounds Within" is an album which is totally in the spirit of the original techno: entirely homemade, patiently. Laurent took care of the compositions, the production and the creative direction.

It is a technological album located on digital and electronic lands. The production is delicate, precise. . .

Esther's voice is sensual, floating, ethereal, bringing a touch of warmth and sensibility to the hard and hypnotic compositions, as in tracks like "My Serenity."
There is an urban atmosphere to the album, which implies sweat, violence, tears but also chill out tunes like "Hypno", "Wings" or "Rainfall". These tracks are floating, compared to the very tough organic beats. Everything here is drive and urge: a dancing one on the first single "Basic", arousing and sensual on "The essence of it".
"Sounds Within" is an album full of contrasts but also full of meaning, it could be the music for "Once Upon A Time In the West In Tokyo" (says Laurent).
With "Sounds Within" it is important to be able to rewind; so first, let's rewind...