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Frederic Galliano

A DJ since 1992, producer since 1996 on Fcommunications and creator of his own label Frikyiwa since 1998, Galliano has always lived in Valence in the eastern south of France.
With his two first albums Espaces Baroques and Lives Infinis released on F Communications, he turned his search to the links between electronic music, jazz, African culture and different creative concepts. Since then, Galliano?s work attitude has been completely individual, far removed from any fashion trends. With references as diverse as art, philosophy, and many foreign cultures, Galliano stands in a singular position among the DJ / producer scene.
He makes his music in a completely original way , with no esthetical references, but a real intellectual curiosity which leads him to assemble in the same releases: the brothers Belmondo with Nahawa Doumbia; the accoustimatician, Louis 2000 with Julien Loureau; and many other musicians encountered during his travels.
Studio work and touring with his band « Frederic Galliano Electronic Sextet », have led him to many places all over the world, during three years.

Then, Frederic Galliano presents the African Divas was the result of 4 years of travels in Africa with just Frederic, his little portable studio in a suitcase, and a whole host of inspirational characters along the way! Travelling the Savannah and forest, organising impromptu recording sessions with a total of 40 musicians and 12 vocalists and 4 years of recording, Frederic has successfully intertwined this wealth of talent with the vibes of original roots of House (think early DJ Pierre or Lil Louis). Mixing these rhythms with the African spirit into a wash of soundscapes, ambient beats and deep house atmospherics the album crossed over and found loads of fans when it was released in 2002.

Since then, Frederic Galliano has circumnavigated the globe with his show and captivated fans of world and electronic music in almost every key city. From Japan to Singapore, from Denmark to Turkey, Frederic has been there. This celebrated 2002 album Frederic Galliano presents the African Divas has been rerecorded to encapsulate the joie d?vivre of the live shows.

After 8 years and hundreds of gigs later, the latest live album Sacré Live released in April 04 is the chance to hear what makes each Frederic Galliano & The African Divas concert so unique.
With tracks recorded during the worldwide African Divas tour throughout 2002 and through a very specific approach to the mixing of each track & interaction with the audience, this is not an usual live album, the sound has been built up to create a dance album which concentrate's on the energy and spontaneity of a live concert. A perfect mix between the power of African rhythms and Galliano?s warm and pumping sound.

His work here on the album and on the live tour has seen the likes of African vocalist Nahawa Doumbia (a legendary female vocalist from Mali & part of the ?Griot? family) who appeared frequently with him on prior projects. Also featured are musicians and vocalists from Western Africa : Hadja Kouyate and Fanta Diabate from Guinea on vocals, Kaba Kouyate, and also from Guinea on Balafon and Guitar, plus additional special guests from Mali.