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Ludovic Navarre aka St Germain (No more on Fcom)

Ludovic Navarre is without a doubt one of the most talented electronic music producers on the french scene. His melodies, his original fusions and success between different musical styles and the classy production which is beyond reproach in his discs, have merited to be copied but rarely equalled. St Germain is a true reference and his influence has been a deciding factor for the French scene.
When he started on the Division Dance at FNAC Music, Ludovic Navarre, aged 21, was especially noticed in the techno scene, by releasing EP's as early as 1991.
His passion for Jazz, House, Blues, Funk, Techno, Soul and Hip-hop give him a character which is very open-minded. He rapidly became a composer that one cannot ignore on the House scene, under different pseudonyms like Deepside, Modus Vivendi, D.S. or St Germain.
From 1993 Ludovic consecrated himself more particularily to the St Germain project, exploring the House, Jazz, and Salsa universe. There he succeeded in making a perfect fusion between Jazz and House.
After having realised different projects under different names with Shazz or Laurent Garnier for FNAC music, Ludovic was naturally one of the first to follow Eric Morand and Laurent Garnier with their common project for F Communications.
His first album, which cannot be ignored and which will never go out of fashion "Boulevard", was released by F Com in July 1995. The results were magnificent, the reception from the media was dithyrambic and the sales for the album were the highest ever for a Deep House artist in Europe. The ultimate consecration was the election of "Boulevard" by the
English press for 'Album of the year 1995'.
There's the historical background.

Last release on Fcom in 1999: a compilation regrouping all his best pieces that were released by FNAC music and F Communications from 1992 to 1996. This panoramic gives us a precise idea of his incredible diversity and the quality of his talent.
"From Detroit to St Germain" allows us at the same time to re-discover his compositions for the Dance Division catalogue, which were totally unobtainable as they were sold out, and not re-edited since FNAC music finished in 1994.


Ludovic Navarre aka St Germain