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São Paris

MOVIMENTO, the first album by São Paris, the French- Brazilian duo, which came out last September was universally acclaimed in the electronica world, thanks to it?s unique sonic atmosphere : mystery, cut-ups, collage, destruction, poetry, contrast, sweetness, suspense...
Closer to each other than ever before and still organic, still literary, Leticia Maura and Thomas Ferrière have courageously renewed all their methods.

«I am very touched by the beauty of the new album -LÁ- which means ?over
there?. Where Movimento was poetic, I?d say that LÁ is more cinematographic.
It is still very electronica based but with even wider horizons».
Eric Morand

LÁ, is a sound film shot in real or imagined countries. Some scenes are in China, with the delicate duo of Ly and Leticia, a sensual and mysterious homage to Wong Kar Wai.
There?s a stop-off in Romania, to recall a pioneer of surrealism, Guerasim Luca. A new landscape, Brazil, where the great magician of world music,
Chico César, has some words to say, the abandoned children are in the clouds, the tramp plays the lottery to get to Paris, and the whales dance.
Yes, there is water in LÁ : the joyful samba of gigantic mermaids, desire and the swimming pool, and even an enchanted river for an ungrateful thirsty cat.
A place of unexpected moments; a child from the island of Vanuatu hums and the breeze from Bali blows on Thomas? face.

We dream of the dream. Yes, SÃO PARIS is «LÁ».