Fabrice Lig aka Soul Designer


Fabrice Lig was born in 1972 in Charleroi, Belgium, 50 km from Brussels. At 16 he started collecting records, subsequently landing DJ gigs at small parties in the area.

Two years later Fabrice began to get the itch to extend his creativity into the realm of production, and thus began building his own studio. It was around this time he spearheaded underground projects like Interwaves. Since the release of this first EP, Fabrice has produced many other underground projects under a slew of guises (see discography) and making something of a name for himself.

His remix for e-dancer aka Kevin Saunderson makes him, in the words of Mad Mike (UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE) ?a part of Detroit music's history? by being the first white producer to record on the mythical Detroit label KMS, and the first double groove recording from NSC.

Fabrice is also the first Belgian artist having remixed Laurent Garnier (on the single ?Greed?, other remixes by Dave Clarke and Avril) and one of the few whose releases are sold all around the world. Under the Soul Designer moniker, he?s now become the first F COM artist from Belgium.

Compared to Lig?s numerous dancefloor-oriented & Detroit influenced releases on KMS, RAYGUN, DEEP4LIFE, MUSIC MAN, Daniel Bell's 7TH CITY RECORDS and many other US, German, UK or Belgian labels, Soul Designer?s releases will definitely keep you dancing but also walking on a little cloud at home or? in your car.

As an introduction to the album, Soul Designer?s ?EP1? offers deep electro, melodic and minimal Techno tracks showing his strong Detroit background.

These days, Fabrice Lig can be heard playing across Europe and the USA, areas where he is well known and respected by major techno artists, from Laurent Garnier to Sven Všth, for all his funky and melodic productions and rousing DJ sets.

Recent gigs include many prestigious European clubs (Tresor & Ostgut (Berlin), Fuse (Bruxelles, Rex (Paris), Batofar (Paris),.. ) and major festivals ("Printemps de Bourges 2001", I Love Techno, Dour Festival 2001, Mix Move 2001, Sequence Festival 2001 (Wien).


Fabrice Lig aka Soul Designer



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