Laurent Garnier & Bugge Wesseltoft


Laurent GARNIER - Bugge WESSELTOFT - Philippe NADAUD - Benjamin RIPPERT

In 2005, upon the release of album ‘The Cloud Making Machine’, David Brun Lambert wrote about Laurent Garnier: ‘… those that, like me, have followed him for a long time know how multifaceted this artist is, how much his status of « best DJ in the world » is only a shortcut he uses by default. We must stress that this man is extraordinarily combative and that he has fought for more than fifteen years to impose good music to his audience. Garnier has always refused cliques to privilege action. He cannot stand repetition and hates compromises and idleness even more’.
The years gone by since do not refute this perception of Laurent’s progress, which complements his activity of DJ. We could speak of his recent compositions for Angelin Preljocaj or Marie-Claude Pietragalla, of his determination to share his record collection and tastes through web radio, or of his programmes “It is what it is”, or still, his many stands-in for Gilles Peterson.
‘Encounters’ have become an essential motor for his artistic path. Summer 2006 was the occasion to regroup in a series of session his friends, the passionate, those with whom he shares more than music: giggles, some strictness, the need to party:
Philippe Nadaud (brass): Laurent’s accomplice since ten years, the ‘Man With The Red Face’.
Brugge Wesseltoft (keyboards): Wide-eyed as soon as he touches a keyboard. The logical continuation of the stage encounters between Brugge and Laurent since 2000, but also of the tracks that they recorded together in 2005 for ‘TCMM’.
Benjamin Rippert (claviers): Seen for the first time at the piano alongside Laurent during the Cinemix at the Louvre Auditorium. Since then, he and his unique touch stand by Laurent at every moment, from the studio to the stage.
Sessions are recorded during six months: Concerts, rehearsals, buff… ‘Live’ albums are rarely seen for their true worth. They are vaguely critiqued and seen as transitory albums or badly recorded ‘best of’.
‘Public Outburst’ reveals several unreleased tracks created during these encounters. These audio and video snapshots cover 6 months of meetings around the same passion for music.


Laurent Garnier & Bugge Wesseltoft
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