Mr Oizo


Free expression with no restraints. A constant & sharp creativity. A unique & complex personality. Mr Oizo finds always himself where you don?t expect him. On the top of the charts or beneath avant-garde. He has unconditional fans & sceptic people about him. His sounds & his visions surprise us, destabilize us or even trouble us.
In his universe, neutrality does not exist. Passages & bridges in between sound, image & writing are constantly broken down to be reinvented.

With ??Moustache (half a scissor)??, Mr Oizo goes as far as he went with his debut album ??Analog Worms Attack??. Album format & track structure are totally dynamited & crushed. Climax arrive in a rush. Hectic rhythms & stumping basses. An Emancipated & angry album or another manifesto ?


Mr Oizo
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